Home Schoolers

Students who are schooled at home as well as their families will find a wealth of valuable products and services within the Kidtest.comSM system. In many ways, the services and products we have developed closely match home schoolers' specific needs. We are happy to be able to serve this important and growing community.

For example, the Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM allows comparison of home schooled students' test benchmarked scores to a large group of students in their grade/age group from around the country, even when home schoolers have little contact with students of the same age or grade. Using this sequence, home schoolers can actively gauge student progress against a group of potential peers. Also, blank flashcards are perfect for home schoolers who design their own curricula and desire the flexibility these tools deliver. In addition, our series of standard flashcards can aid even the most advanced home schoolers in their studies.

Kidtest.comSM has links to and contact information for states' departments of education and testing web pages, key resources for home schoolers.

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