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Kidtest.comSM has made the use of this Web Site simple. With little difficulty, you can help to maximize the benefit to your children by seeing to it they use all Kidtest.comSM has to offer.


When your child joins the Kidtest.comSM family, he or she will have access to everything Kidtest.comSM offers. You can also get information on how to take part in special programs your state may sponsor.


Kidtest.comSM offers tests for children in the early grades through grade 9 and then scores these tests and ranks the child on a percentile scale. For example, if your child ranks at the 50th percentile, half of the students will have scored lower and half will have scored higher.'sSM inventory includes tests based on national and state standards as well as tests developed especially for Kidtest.comSM by experienced educators known as the Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM.

Standardized tests are always administered offline under very controlled conditions, particularly with regard to timing and insuring that students receive no assistance. Standardized tests given online are not controlled. Standardized tests are given to a large cross section of children; if given online the testing is limited to a more specialized population. Because the correlation between offline and online standardized testing has never been established, the scoring and ranking cannot be accurately compared. Recognizing this problem, Kidtest.comSM has developed the Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM that are offered only online by Kidtest.comSM. These online Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM tests are called benchmarked tests to distinguish them from standardized tests.

Although, not the sole component in determining how well a child is doing or should be doing, testing is a very powerful tool. Kidtest.comSM will track your child's performance over time to help you oversee progress or lack of progress as you work with your child.


Almost every school in the country is now engaged in rigorous standardized and/or other testing of children. You can help your child prepare for these tests by introducing him or her to'sSM TEST PREP materials, including test-taking tips and sample questions.


Don't forget to look at'sSM FLASHCARDS. For factual retention, they are a must. Kidtest.comSM provides flashcards "ready to go" and blank cards as well. The blank cards are an easy and effective way to study. Just enter questions and answers on blank flashcards that can then be saved for later use. Kidtest.comSM does the rest, by flipping and shuffling the cards and providing timing if desired.


Parents, look for other assessments for yourself, your children and your family.


The next step to begin your child's testing program is to click on Join! (Free). Receive your password and LOG IN. Then click on Get Test and Flashcards. There you will find simple instructions on how to begin the testing process.