Ways to Get Ready to Take Tests

Practice on Real Tests

When you register for Kidtest.comSM, you can practice on real tests. The Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM as well as a number of State and Province-specific exams are available. Check them out!

Free Flashcards

When you register for Kidtest.comSM, you'll receive free flashcard decks so you can practice. Once you register and log on, go to the Get Tests and Flashcards section to collect the free cards.

Other Flashcards

One you've registered and log on, you can also check out our Get Tests and Flashcards section for our long and growing list of flashcards available for you to purchase. We have flashcards for dozens of subjects. And, if we do not have what you are seeking, please Contact Us, and we might be able to help you out by creating what you are looking for!

Make Your Own Flashcards

You can also create your own flashcard decks. Visit the Flashcards section to buy your own blank decks! For factual retention, they are a must. Kidtest.comSM provides flashcards "ready to go" and blank cards as well. The blank cards are an easy and effective way to study. Just enter questions and answers on blank flashcards that can then be saved for later use. Kidtest.comSM does the rest, by flipping and shuffling the cards and providing timing if desired.