About Kidtest.comsm

A first natural question that students, their parents and educators may have when viewing what Kidtest.com offers is "Who the heck are you?" After all, the credibility and quality of the assessments and feedback reports offered on site should be key factors in the decision to spend time and resources using them. The Kidtest.com story is an interesting one. Here’s the short version.

Kidtest.com was founded by three partners - family members - who were struck by reports that the education of America’s and Canada’s youth has not kept pace with international standards and performance. The partners determined to develop an accurate, efficient and affordable educational assessment resource as a way of contributing to the solution. The three partners had a unique combination of knowledge and experience that helped them take on such a daunting venture. One partner was a professor at a major state university and a specialist in psychometric assessment. The second partner was a professor at an Ivy League university, also with experience with assessment at all educational levels. Between the two of them, they had personally taught nearly 5,000 grade school, high school, college and graduate students and had nearly 50 years of combined teaching experience. In addition, much of their experience involved the use of the Internet and computer systems. The third partner had run several successful business ventures for over 30 years as an entrepreneur. This combination of skills was critical.

Although modest at first, the Kidtest.com partnership and assessment team has grown to a dozen members. This team devises and tests the assessments. It manages the business aspects of running a successful web site. And it develops and maintains the Kidtest.com technology itself.

However, the most important aspect of delivering the highest quality educational products and services is listening to students, their families and their educators. The Kidtest team has fielded hundreds of emails, phone calls and letters from members whose feedback has been very important. It is simply crucial that we continually improve. Input from members is fundamental to that goal. Please contact us with your comments, suggestions and requests at info@kidtest.com.

The Assessments

The Kidtest assessment and learning team, comprised of teachers, the Kidtest partners, counselors, and psychologists, produces the Kidtest Benchmarked Sequence Fast Track and Challenge batteries and other assessments found on the site. This group of experts has validated the tests internally and painstakingly connected them to appropriate national standards and specific assessment research. In addition, thousands of school-aged children (and even many adults!) have tested these instruments for their accuracy and reliability in advance of their being offered to the public. And many more families and educators to date have experienced the benefit of the fast, affordable and reliable feedback they offer as satisfied customers of Kidtest.com. If you have questions or feedback on any Kidtest.com products or services, please contact us at info@kidtest.com.

Beyond The Assessments

The Kidtest Benchmark Sequence (KBS) and other instruments don’t stop at independently and objectively assessing students’ academic knowledge base. For instance, the KBS also explicitly identifies strengths and weaknesses across subjects in both absolute terms and relative to the students’ peers who have taken the sequence online under similar conditions. The system provides this feedback in a full-color, graphical report.

Moreover, the report identifies and recommends specific helpful educational products that students can use to address their weakest areas and enhance their strongest ones as identified by the assessments. The Kidtest system also offers a multitude of helpful online flashcards that students can use to address weak areas and bolster strong areas.