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Thank you for putting together all the fantastic college information on your Links page at:! My name is April and I am a high school social studies teacher from Goodyear, AZ. I also sponsor a club after school and I've been helping my students about their plans after they graduate. Some of my students are looking to take the SAT's over and your website has been really helpful... so thank you!

- A. C.

I want to say that in all the years that she has been in school.... I have never seen a test as all-inclusive as this one. This test covered more areas than the tests that she has taken so far in school, and way more than when I was in school. Your tests really get deep into the subject areas so you can see not only how much they are teaching in school, but also how well she is comprehending everything.

- S. M.

I think this is a great site for homeschooled children who need to understand testing. - D. C.

My son has completed the 8th grade tests. We've discovered that he will be focusing on his studies more from now on - B. D.

As a parent, I felt that your testing was very thorough and grade appropriate - A. T.

Love your site ... great idea ... I'll definitely be visiting often. As a parent and educator I cannot say enough how much I appreciate this site. My daughter who will be entering third grade in a matter of weeks took the age appropriate test and to my amazement enjoyed taking it! Much more than that though is the confidence it instilled in her as she enters her new grade.

Standardized tests, while having their place in schools, just does not give teachers an accurate assessment of what a child knows or more importantly can do. Your tests however, do both and thus give educators a better picture of the child's capabilities.

It also I have found, instills a confidence in children themselves and this is an invaluable gift which money cannot buy. When a child feels good about himself or herself then they can learn freely, risk making mistakes to learn and most of all find themselves eager to learn.

You have done a beautiful job in creating the perfect tests and as a mom and teacher I thank you!

- L. E.

I am a representative of an accredited (by CITA) international school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our school, Zahrat Al-Sahraa, aims at fulfilling its role in preparing its students for the highest educational levels and for achieving high scores in tests. Therefore, I would like to know how can I have our students take the Terra Nova Standardized tests and have them officially graded and reported.

I would also like to congratulate you on your educational services that proved to be of a great aid to students and teachers alike.

- L. K.

My student graduated from high school this past spring. Thank you for your service; it was very helpful. - M. L.

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Thank you for putting together all the fantastic college information on your Links page...