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Kidtest Customizable Educator Packages (, a new web site offering benchmarked testing and tracking, study aids, state-specific test preparation materials, online flashcards, and the best in educational products, is pleased to announce its Customizable Educator Packages. These packages offer a palette of online educational tools useful for educators and their students to study, prepare for tests and track achievement using the latest Internet technology. Kidtest Customizable Educator Packages can include any combination of the following general categories. Assets

  • Kidtest Benchmarked Sequence Tests - has created a series of grade-specific test batteries according to grade and subject national standards. Each battery contains achievement tests in mathematics, language, spelling, reading, science, and social studies. Batteries also include assessments of study skills and a number of sub-categories. Each battery takes approximately 4.5 hours to complete and may be taken over a number of sittings. The system provides national and other benchmarked rankings for test takers.

  • Pre-Made Flashcards - The flashcard library contains flashcards on dozens of topics and is growing every day. It even includes blank flashcards that students and educators may modify and customize.

School and Educator Material

Working with schools and teachers, can put class material online in a password-protected area of its web site that only educators, students and their families may access. This material may take the following forms:

  • Flashcards - Educators (and/or may use the flashcard system to construct curriculum-specific flashcards useful for study in or out of class. These flashcards follow and accommodate pictures and graphics.

  • Tests of All Types - can load curriculum or class-specific self-tests, quizzes and achievement tests into its Internet-based secure testing system. Students can take the tests in class or at home. The system can track progress, make group comparisons and provide right/wrong answers to students.

Summer Packages

Students and educators often lose touch over the summer. With, schools can connect with students before, during and after a summer break. For instance, the web site can facilitate summer reading agendas through flashcard-style questions and checkpoint quizzes, all easily and automatically administered to students at home. In addition, any of the choices above can be specifically adapted to summer programs. For example, can provide pre-summer and post-summer achievement tests of any length on any subject(s) that educators desire.

How does it work?

When a school system or individual educator utilizes a Kidtest Customizable Educator Package, works hard to make the process simple and seamless.

  • Depending on the package specifics, either or the educator (or both) puts the desired materials online.

  • will issue an access code (called a promotion code) for educators to distribute to the students they wish to have access to the material.

  • Students either in or out of school become members in a no-risk, no-cost setting and are immediately granted access to the desired material when they enter the educator's promotion code.

Nothing could be simpler!


  • Harness Technology - The latest Internet capabilities utilized by allow tremendous flexibility for students and educators to leverage their technology investments.

  • Educate Easily - The system is designed for simplicity of use and clarity of exposition.

  • Involve Family - Since the system is accessible in schools and Internet-connected homes at any time of day or night, students can work with family.

  • Track Progress - has engineered its systems so students can assess and track their progress through checkpoints in their educations.

  • Reduce Costs - Schools and teachers can offer the tools available through to students for a fraction of what it would cost to build from scratch.

  • Reduce 'Paper Burden' - Going online reduces the cost and trouble of photocopying, distributing, tracking and archiving paper tests and test preparation materials.

Intrigued? Interested? The Next Step.

Surf over to and view our web site. If you'd like to see a demonstration, either send us email at or contact us toll free at 1-866-KIDTEST. We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you help your students.

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