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KIDTEST TEST BATTERIES PUT POWER INTO YOUR HANDS BY offering independent online assessment identifying academic strengths and weaknesses, providing peer comparisons and helping your student maximize performance and potential.

At Kidtest.com, with our Kidtest Benchmarked Sequence test batteries, we are on a mission to help you educate the next generations. We are the ultimate online source for student testing. We cater to children from 3rd to 9th grades and offer testing that satisfies many needs and can be completed online, including:

  • IDENTIFY academic strengths and weaknesses!
  • TRACK progress over time!
  • RECEIVE private, confidential feedback!
  • EXPERIENCE a realistic timing component!
  • LEARN and PRACTICE test-taking skills!
  • PREPARE and SCORE HIGH on achievement tests!

Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM Batteries contains seven (7) subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Reading
  3. Study Skills
  4. Language
  5. Spelling
  6. Social Studies
  7. Science

Each subject was created to test an appropriate element of widely recognized national standards for student ability and knowledge at specific grade levels. Each subject in this battery is timed separately. Students may take the individual tests within the battery at different times. The Kidtest.comSM computer system will track the completion progress of each student as he or she takes battery tests.

It is important to note that the exams in the Kidtest Benchmarked SequenceSM on the Kidtest.comSM web site are similar to standardized tests as they measure academic skills and scholastic development relative to others in a grade or age level by comparing test scores to those of peers.

TAKE YOUR STUDENTSí LEARNING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL WITH THE HELP OF KIDTEST.COM! Whether you are a parent or a teacher, we can help you raise your students' scholastic performance. We offer our services to children in public, private and home schooling. Join for free today and get instant access to tests, flashcards and more!

Mothers and daughters preparing for standardized tests

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